I wanted to tell you a little big about DropBox

So first know:

  1. I’m not necessarily a big product plug guy
  2. This is not new or cutting edge
  3. But, it is free and there are things you could use it for!

I used to be a PC – for a long time – then I got an iPod, and iPhone and finally a MAC – and life changed for the better – kind of – because I couldn’t keep my calls going without the frequent drops.

Left with the choice of constantly apologizing to my clients, prospects, family and friends, or switching carriers and phones, I chose to go with an Android phone.

This kind of turned my world upside down because I was syncing everything through MobileME – but that doesn’t work with an Android phone – or if it does, I didn’t take the time to figure it out.

I love the Apple experience – but the idea of taking one foot out of the Apple lock-box and back into the open world was a bit liberating.

Why? Because I discovered DropBox. A friend of mine turned me onto it and said he uses it to share files between all his devices – and you know what? IT WORKS GREAT!

I can now share a library of files between all my devices (MAC/PC/ANDROID PHONE/ETC) and they are always up to date – and in sync.

Better – DropBox gives you up to 5 Gigs of storage for free.

So if you want to give it a try – go for it – it costs nothing to try it out – and use it. You’ve got everything to gain… 😉

Click here to give it a try

And if you already use DropBox, how do you use it? Any cool tricks and tips that you can or want to share?