I was just looking out my window and saw some bugs flying around – possibly termites.

You see, here in Southern California it’s been warm – even hot the last couple of weeks.  Right now it’s about 74 and the sun is coming out through the overcast askies.

But, these winged beasts made me think of an application that we developed for one of the nations leading pet control companies – One you’ve certainly heard of – a household name.

This company had a past-client and prospect database of many million – I’d write it but it’s now out of date and I also don’t want to get into trouble with the client – we did this back in 1999 – but the lesson which can be taken away from this still rings true today.  (Ah who cares… Swarm Map – this can only help them right?)

So, when the call center would receive the right number of calls reporting termites, it would activate the location on the map and simultaneously notify the clients and prospects via email and direct mail that termites were in their area.  Its brilliant marketing if I don’t say so myself.  This causes people to wonder, call for a free inspection and allows for up sell opportunities.

I’ve heard of home and business burglar alarm companies doing the same thing.  These companies subscribe to the reports of crimes in an area, then reference the crime and blanket market these areas for their services – while that pain and fear is still fresh.

So, how can you use a similar technology or marketing technique for what you do?

When you hit a home run or you see one of your competitors hit one, are you calling on related prospects to sell them on the concept or a twist of the concept – an improved concept?  Because I’d be willing to bet that the original service provider can’t compete and also didn’t think of the best most impactful way of doing it.

I’m starting to babble on now so I’ll stop.