Work With Us

Although I am not currently taking on new clients, I am always entertaining new opportunities to add to the wait list.

If you’d like to be considered, please read my client criteria and if you qualify, complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Client Criteria

  1. Are you an established business with proven products or services?
  2. Are your revenues in the mid-seven to nine-figure range?
  3. Do you have the ability to implement and scale the business upwards if necessary?
  4. Are you hungry for growth with a budget to test?
  5. Are you open and willing to try new things.

Consulting relationships typically start with a detailed client analysis followed by a 30-120 minute complementary telephone interview. This combination allows us both to understand what’s going on with your business, provides us with a base to brainstorm from and helps us to identify potential low-hanging growth opportunities.

If after talking, we both feel comfortable with each other, and I feel like I can make a positive impact, we would typically do a few marketing tests to see how things go.

Testing to Find Opportunities

The goal is to identify these opportunities, quickly execute tests and see if we can create immediate and measurable results. This is all done on a time and materials basis plus any other resources needed that can’t be fulfilled by the prospect and their team.

If We Find Success

If we do find success, and we both enjoy working together, we see an opportunity for additional growth – we would then prepare an agreement for a longer term relationship.

These agreements typically run a minimum of 12 months through multiple years. They include a monthly retainer against a percentage of increased revenues using a sales trends of the previous 6 months to establish a baseline. Other market conditions may also apply such as seasonality.

If this all sounds good, drop me a line or give me a call. I’d love to chat with you and we can see how I can help.

John Kirker

Again, if you would like to be considered in the future, please complete the brief form below.