What is a C.T.M.O.?

I coined the title C.T.M.O. in 1999.

Back then, most marketers weren’t very technically savvy and most IT professionals weren’t very marketing savvy. Today this has changed but back then I lived both rolls.

Although technically this position does not exist, it is one I figured might for the person who lives in the hybrid roll bridging the gap between marketing and technology.

One example of this position in action was in 1999 when we were called in by TMP Worldwide to help Kaiser Permanente marry their HR platforms.

When we initially met, Kaiser had no central clearinghouse for open job requisitions and all their divisions ran on disparate systems and platforms. From Oracle to Microsoft SQL to SAP.

The challenge was to get all jobs into one central system without changing any of the current protocols for creating them. This was a time before web-services existed and also a time when there was a lot of political juggling going on within the company.

Anyhow, we created the platform that married these systems while at the same time provided near real-time postings of jobs to Monster, Hotjobs and several others.

This eventually became the seeds of JobViper which I personally coded the original version of.

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