John Kirker – CTMO

John Kirker received his first computer as a Christmas gift in 1982 – he was 11.

You may have read stories about kids like him.  Back then he buried himself in his bedroom behind the screen and started his first online Bulletin Board System or BBS.

In 1991 he started selling sales training to Realtors.  While working and learning from one of the nations most established real estate sales trainers he was exposed to a marketing consultant who his employer had hired to create a marketing strategy and campaign for an upcoming event.

That marketing campaign was rolled out and the response was absolutely incredible.  New clients were beating down the doors.  John had never seen anything like this and he wanted to know more.

He quickly learned about leverage.  He learned that the power of endorsement and no-risk guarantees.  He saw how the right offer to the right market created situations where the selling was done far before the prospect ever picked up the telephone.  A salesperson couldn’t have been better.

John was so intrigued that he went to work for this marketing wizard named Jay Abraham eighteen months later.  He found himself at times managing and tracking the results of multiple campaigns, and also getting on the phone with clients, prospects, doing market research and hunting for joint venture partners.

Jay Abraham was then and still is sometimes referred to America’s highest paid direct marketing consultant – in 1993 he was billing his time out at $5,000 per hour, and business owners and entrepreneurs were paying it.  He even offered a 100% money back guarantee on that time.  If he wasn’t providing value, he didn’t expect anything in return.

Everything changed in 1994.  John was given an early version of Mosaic (later to be known as Netscape, the first graphical web browser) and almost immediately started building websites.

He went on to found one of the first software development/internet marketing companies called The Stirling Bridge Group or SBG for short.

SBG built and hosted websites and consulted with many Fortune 500 companies.  SBG helped several companies get online for the first time while helping others grow their online presence.

John sold SBG July 1, 2001 and stayed on board to run the day to day operations and see that projects were fulfilled.  He left his position September of 2003 and took a few years off.

Then, in mid-2005, the search for a new passion began.  Like always, he was drawn to technology and marketing.

While looking back he realized that his experiences made him somewhat unique.  He was strong in both Technology and Marketing – and very strong marrying the two together.  Everything which he looked at had to prove out from both a Marketing/ROI perspective and a technology perspective.  The goal was always to fuse technology and marketing to create maximum results.

Today, other than running several of his own websites and a couple start-ups, John helps companies integrate technology and marketing in unique ways to create what he calls the force multiplier effect.  In military doctrine, the force multiplier effect is achieved by simultaneously attacking an opponent from multiple angles, “sea, air and land”, thus increasing the overall effectiveness in battle.  And business is battle.

He typically operates along side marketing teams to provide guidance and an extra set of eyes.

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