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Dear Friend,

My name is John Kirker and I’ve had the privilege of building web applications, creating technology and large scale direct marketing plans with some of America’s most successful companies.

And working with these companies has afforded me the opportunity to see firsthand how they operate, what they do differently and what they do the same.  And also, how they service their customers.

My last company which I sold helped to increase online sales of one client from $126,000 per month to nearly $75MM per year in a three year period.

Another sales method and campaign created an estimated half-a-billion dollars in revenues over a 10 year period.

But I’m not here to brag.

I am however here to help you understand that I know the business of integrating technology and marketing and have experienced so many different scenarios that I can often reach in and lend a helping hand.

If you have or are working for or with an established business with annual revenues in excess of $1,500,000, and you are looking to grow, drop me a line and we’ll discuss what you are doing, where you are at and where you want to go.

If I think I can help, I’ll let you know, and if I can’t, I’ll try to put you in touch with someone who can.

So give me a call now at 714-465-3172 to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
John Kirker
CTMO – Your Chief Technology Marketing Officer

Increase conversion, Increase traffic,
Increase frequency of purchase, Invite referrals
Maximize results and Increase revenues.
What I Do
John KirkerMy name is John Kirker and I advise companies of all sizes, advertising agencies and promotional firms on ways to use the internet and other marketing mediums to overcome challenges, increase effectiveness and increase bottom line results. I typically work with and advise existing team members as an extra set of eyes. I take on the role of a silent partner only speaking when necessary.

14 years of entrepreneurial and business management experience afford my clients the opportunity to work with a seasoned veteran, but on a part-time basis. This saves them the costs of hiring a full time executive that may not be fully utilized in a business.

I have worked in virtually all areas of technology and specialize in traditional marketing as well as online social and search media. I have a unique understanding of past, present and ocassional exposure to future technologies due to the relationships that have been fostered over the years. When these tools are creatively assembled and implemented, upside opportunities and industry changing innovations are created.

In business everything can be broken down into processes. From manufacturing a product to finding the market, to calling on a prospect, to taking the order, to shipping the product, to ensuring customer satisfaction, to collecting referrals – they are all processes. And for each process there are usually sub-processes, and so on.

If processes are not understood, a business can never run efficiently.

We start by breaking down, creating and identifying the current business processes. We document them and then study them looking for ways to creatively optimize and maximize them to plug holes, eliminate waste and eliminate inefficiencies.

We then establish a baseline of business before putting the new processes into place so that we can scientifically measure the success of the new process. Once the process has been proven or disproven as a success, we continue the evolution to maximize the results.

When consulting on an existing website I typically focus on three areas:

1. Understanding the existing market/traffic
2. Increasing conversion of existing traffic
3. Increasing traffic

These three areas are broken down into sub-processes which study the current sales process flow, and then tests of optimize the flow drive more prospects through to the end of the sales funnel.

If you’d like to discuss working together, give me at 714-465-3172.
My Story
Fifteen years of honing his technical, marketing, sales and analytical skill-set has earned John Kirker the reputation for possessing the visionary moxie of a Chief Marketing Officer. Nearly two decades of technical implementation has earned him the knowledge of a Chief Technical Officer.

John’s sales and marketing career started in 1991 when he went to work for the Mike Ferry Organization (MFO), a renowned sales training and coaching organization focused on increasing the production of real estate companies and their agents. He learned the value of relationships and their impact on results. Within months over half his sales originated from referral sources and he rose to number three in sales behind two seasoned veterans.

Mike Ferry engaged direct marketer Jay Abraham to boost sales and his impact was incredible. If you don’t know Jay, he has consulted Weyerhauser, Dun & Bradstreet, Citibank, Sears, Anthony Robbins and many others. A year later John found himself working directly for Jay and his partner where his responsibilities included; sales, campaign management and tracking, editing and proofing of direct marketing materials, etc. To this day, John attributes much of his approach to what he learned while working for Jay.

In 1993 John joined a Huntington Beach, California based advertising company called Giant Advertising. At Giant John worked as a salesman. He also wrote advertising copy and created marketing pieces one of which increased leads by over 800%. John was consistently one of the top salespersons in the organization.

John’s passion of computers prompted Jay’s partner to contact him in 1994. He provided John an early beta version of Mosaic which later became Netscape and uttered the words, “You are into computers – this is the future, go do this.”

Within a few months John left Giant and formed Kirker & Associates (later known as The Stirling Bridge Group, SBG). He immediately began calling his associates sharing his vision of how he could help them. He created a mortgage website system which fused multiple direct marketing techniques with the web. This was one of the first website products which tightly integrated direct response marketing and provided personalized real-time data, customized to the individual and tracked their every click. This system lead to both an increase in leads and ultimately an increase in originations. Ultimately this mortgage application interfaced with several back-office products creating a complete end-to-end industry solution.

Kirker and Associates was quickly recognized by Monster Worldwide, formerly TMP Worldwide, a leading recruitment advertising agency and the company. John and TMP worked closely together and this relationship evolved into many projects including OnlinePostCard.com, JobViper.com, and many other mutually created products and services utilized by Allstate Insurance, Kaiser Permanente, Terminix, Charles Schwab, AOL, Lockheed, Army, Navy and Air Force, Pizza Hut, Sun, etc. Terminix continues to use a system invented by John which geographically targets homeowners and automatically triggers direct mail campaigns in a geographical areas where termites are reported.

July 1, 2001 John sold SBG to a medical financing company where he stayed on as Vice President and General Manager thru September, 2003.

John has worked with a variety of companies large and small covering a wide range of industries – many of the household names. He can show you how one company’s operational methods can contribute significant growth if properly implemented in another.

In addition to his consulting, John works as an advisor to BenefitBar which has been developed to help raise funds for charitable organizations. His passion for hockey has led him to create the RinkTime.com, a hockey and skating rink directory which has been frequented by nearly 400,000 visitors each month.

John and his wife Amanda enjoy cycling, ice skating, hockey, swimming and being outdoors with their dog Bailey.

If you want to increase your profits and don’t want to take any risk just call John Kirker’s Office now at 714-465-3172 and schedule a telephone appointment with him or write him at john@kirker.com.

What others are saying…
“John is a brilliant entrepreneur – a true visionary. He was a strong part in building our internet initiative that resulted in creating millions in revenues.”
– Damian Raffele, Director of Internet Marketing – Veterinary Pet Insurance

John Kirker is dangerous. He’s not only wicked smart as a business strategist and “connector” – but he’s also a deeply competent architect of all things web. John has introduced me to very credible people in a variety of disciplines. He’s well respected, and as such, people are always looking to John for who he can bring to the table. John totally “gets” web architecture and user experience. He understands the value each individual brings to the meeting, and makes sure to help coordinate the dialog to bring immediate value to the parties involved. Credible. Wicked smart. Engaging. Extremely high integrity. Positive presence in the boardroom.
– Mark Alan Effinger, CEO and Evangelist – RichContent

John is a creative technical force. Working with him was always fun, and together we came up with terrific offerings. He was able to act as the IT department for our large advertising agency and was a key member of our interactive team at launch. You can count on John to have many great ideas and a few surprises as well!
– Janine Buellesbach, Senior Vice President Global Product Development – TMP/Monster Worldwide

I worked with John while at TMP Worldwide. I sincerely believed that we could not have done the work we did without his talent. He is one of the few individuals with true vision in the technology-marketing community.
– Ben Wigton, TMP Worldwide

I’ve had the advantage of collaborating with John for over 10 years. I say with confidence that he is one of the most active thinkers and doers I know. He has the insight of someone twice his age yet maintains an open mind being self aware of his bias and passions disallowing them to cloud judgments. This has translated into successful businesses where he and all around achieved what they set out to do.
– Steve McRae, Senior Director of Business Development – Verifone

John creates an incredibly high “batting average” by focusing on the business or marketing challenge first, then the technology solution. This counter-intuitive to most tech professionals who typically want to dazzle you. John helped transform our business, making our overall product offering coherent, appealing, and most importantly, profitable.
– Paul Buss, Founder – Showbizjobs.com LLC

For the 10+ years I have known John he never stops surprising me with innovations and new ideas to make the Internet more valuable to business. Whenever I have a question related to the Internet John is one of the first people I call.”
– Dave Savage, Founder – SmartReply.com

John is a never-ending source of ideas and has an incredible passion for experimenting with them. Fortunately, he also has the ability to help others see and share his vision and empower them to make it happen. No matter what he pursues, I believe he’ll succeed and enjoy every opportunity I get to share that journey with him.
– Doug Nottage, Director, Advanced Technology – Autobytel.com

John is the rare individual who is skilled in both the technical and people side of technology development. He does whatever it takes to get the job done, and done right, the first time. Consider yourself blessed if you can get this guy working on a project with you.
– Michael Daehn, Business Professor – St. Louis Christian College

I worked with John for 8-years. He has an incredible sense for the nuances affecting the profitability of business, and with his expert technical knowledge he creates the most effective strategies to create profits.
– Senior Director, Consumer Experience – LowerMyBills.com

John is the first talent I have seen with a highly acute technical sense, coupled with a awesome client interface skills. Simply put, customers love him because he is great communicator and he really knows how to use the Internet and brick and mortar to create profits.
– Kenneth Lee, Developer – GameSpy